About this website

Hello, welcome to my little burger website.

As I am sure you have worked out by now, www.thebestburgerinbarcelona.com is a ranking page of the best burgers I can find in Barcelona. I truly believe burgers are like one of the cornerstones of our society and I’ve decided to turn this passion of mine into a website.

Reviews are all written by me, the ranking is by me and the pics are done by moi aussi. I am not affiliated with any of the places I review in any way, I do this just for fun.

If you’re in BCN, and have some tips for new places, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I’ve had so much encouragement from my friends but hearing from anyone out there who loves burgers as much as I do is always great fun and gives me a chance to sink my teeth into another juicy hamburger.

I’m going to keep adding reviews as I have time and I hope you enjoy the burgers as much as I did.

- Robert

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